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  • Stephanie Georgopulos

    Stephanie Georgopulos

    former editor-in-chief of human parts. west coast good witch. student of people.

  • Sue Hubley

    Sue Hubley

    I’m retired after 40 years of working first as a newspaper copy editor and then at a college. I love gardening, walking, taking pictures, and knitting.

  • Nicole Henley

    Nicole Henley

    Writer of true crime, unsolved mysteries, & interesting subjects of history. Find me/support me here: http://nhenley.bio.link & https://www.buymeacoffee.com

  • Tracey Folly

    Tracey Folly

    I am EXACTLY who I pretend to be.

  • Lauren Modery

    Lauren Modery

    Freelance writer; film Loves Her Gun premiered @ SXSW ‘13; used to be a Hollywood assistant; rail enthusiast; check out my dumb blog, hipstercrite.com

  • Desi Jedeikin

    Desi Jedeikin

  • Jessica Wildfire

    Jessica Wildfire

    Unfluencer. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

  • Edith Zimmerman

    Edith Zimmerman

    Spiralbound editor. Formerly at The Hairpin. Also now making a newsletter: https://drawinglinks.substack.com

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